About Us

Rockaway Township Sportsmen Club Incorporated 1961:  

Governed by Roberts Rules of Order and registered in the State of New   Jersey.  Governing Body:   President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and (5) trustee’s,    (2) New Jersey State Federation Representatives  Yearly Activities:

  • Trash cleanup at various property sites   throughout the year.  
  • Maintain and provide support for Eagle Scout   projects at Mt. Hope Scout cabin.  
  • Yearly stocking of pheasant’s and fish for   members to hunt and fish in accordance with New Jersey Division of Fish   and Game regulations.  

General Comments:

  • We provide insurance coverage for our leasers,   as well as posting and patrolling for trespassers. We maintain open   communications with them throughout the year.
  • We have provided support to individuals doing   graduate work on environmental projects, acid rain studies, they mute   swan population, endangered species and protected wildlife.
  • We are registered with the Rockaway Township   Community Directory.
  • Along with the Rockaway Township Police   Benevolent Association we support the Knee Deep Club fishing events for   kids.

Article V of the Rockaway Township Sportsmen, Inc.   Constitution and By-Laws: Objectives:

  • Sect I: The objectives of the Corp shall be the   protection and propagation of Forest, Fish and Game, and other natural   resources.
  • Sect II: To maintain interest in and act in   behalf of, favorable legislation and to discourage unfavorable   legislation as conforms to the above named objectives.
  • Sect III: The education of youth to a better   understanding of the proper use of firearms, boats and conservation and   sportsmanship, the outdoors and the adherence of all Conservation Laws.
  • Sect IV: To provide a suitable place for the   members to hunt and fish.
  • Sect V: To promote and maintain friendly   relations and fellowship among its members. To provide an opportunity   for the membership and their guest to associate in social, sports   activities and civic events.
  • Sect VI: The Corp shall operate without profit,   and shall be non-political and non-sectarian.